Regularity Tripmaster / Average speed monitor RacePacer model.

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  • Tripmaster function - Distance counter.
  • Average speed monitor function - Helps driver to keep the appropriate pace.
  • Led indicator of the gap between the actual distance and the theoretical distance.
  • Time calculation function - Helps the copilote in calculation for sections changes and arrival time.


  • High visibility OLED display. Angle of vision 175°. Sunlight readable.
  • Copilot remote controls and displays. (Configuration menus and functions access via rotary encoder. No need to look for buttons).
  • Central display for distances and times. LED indicator of the gap between the actual distance and the theoretical distance (For the driver).
  • Time based automatic start (Internal clock).
  • Compatible with most distances sensors (ATB, Blunik, Chronopist, and so on)


  • General counter 00.00 à 999.99 Kms

  • Partial counter 00.00 à 999.99 Kms

  • 8 programmable circumferences

  • 8 circumference adjustment coefficients from 80 to 120%

  • 1 or 2 pulses per wheel revolution

  • Units of measure, Kms or Miles

  • Wrong way correction function

  • Reset function of the partial counter only

  • Reset function of the general and partial counters both together

Average speed monitor

  • Storage from 1 to 15 ZR

  • 16 sections (average speed change) by ZR

  • Distance of the sections from 01.00 to 650.00 Kms

  • Average sections speed from 10.00 to 199.99 Kms/H

  • Manual or automatic section change mode

  • Display of theoretical distance

  • Display of actual distance

  • Led indicator of the gap between the actual distance and the theoretical distance (programmable thresholds from 10 to 250 meters)

  • 2 configuration modes : normal or fast (precipitate start)

Advance features

  • Programming access allowed even during race

  • Manual start / Pause count (Visual and audible indication)

  • Time based automatic start

  • Distance counter adjustment by adding/removing distance value

  • Distance adjustment by entering an absolute value (Roadbook)

  • Automatic re-computing of the circumference coefficient after entering an absolute distance value  (Adjustment as close as possible to the driver's driving style)

  • Average speed monitor reset

  • Automatic Auto-Start time programming

  • Enabling / Disabling Auto-Start

  • Auto-start visual and audible countdown

  • Time calculator (addition / subtraction Hours, minutes, seconds)


  • Atmel/Microchip microcontroller

  • Backup Realtime Clock. (Lithium battery life up to 10 years)

  • Multilanguages (French/English)

  • Backup of the setting parameters into an EEPROM memory (Up to 15 banks)

  • Automatic backup of the running configuration (Power supply failure protection)

    The distance sensor and wiring are included in the price.

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Tripmaster Race Pacer

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